Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spending time with Grace

The month of September brings good times. Grace started first grade, the Puyallup Fair and many good days with Grandma and Granpa. Sharing some cute photo's.

Las Vegas Family Visit

September has been a special month for us. Dad and I flew down to Las Vegas to visit Aaron, Tiffany and Ashton for a few days. The flight was actually short only a few hours and we were there. Tiffany and Ashton met us at the airport and took us to their home which was about 1/2 an hour away. When Ashton first saw us he was not sure about getting close, that lasted only a few minutes once in the car. :) Aaron had worked a night shift and needed to get some sleep. Ashton is such a sweet little boy, he has grown up since I last got to hold him. He and I had some fun times, lots of laughing and hugging. He even gave me a kiss that I think I can still feel. He is a strong almost 3 year old. He has incredible coordination, he can kick and throw balls like no other child his size. I didn't know it but he was excited to see a book I brought him with Lightning McQueen. He kept saying McQueen... so darn cute! There is nothing greater than the laughter of a child.

We went on a short hike close to the mountains and had a great lunch at the lodge on the mountain. I was amazed at how Ashton kept up with everyone and sure did enjoy the rocks along the way. Ashton gave Grandpa a rock to hold. It is just larger than a dime, and we marked it with an A 09 and put it in our marble jar. :) Someday I will show him it again. Their house was beautiful, and the yard so nice. I know Aaron had been putting in many many hard hours into making it nice for them and a play area for Ashton. Tiffany made some delicious meals which we all enjoyed. Tiffany and I went to a recipe exchange at her friend Becca's house and many other women and lots of children were there. Each person had brought a mexican dish. Tiffany's chicken enchilada's were terrific and so were some of the other dishes. I am looking forward to getting the recipes. Really a nice way to try other recipes and share. Aaron actually asked if I would make him some macaroni salad - one of his very favorites, so I did and he devoured it. It was fun to see him enjoy it. Brought back some good memories.

Dad and Aaron got to go hang out for awhile and go to sporting stores and even went shooting. I was glad that they had some time together as it has been so long and Dad really was happy for it. I got to give Ashton a bath a few of the nights, he was so fun and of course I would say some words that he thought was funny, mostly it was my facial expressions that made him laugh. I so enjoyed the time with him and miss him terribly already. We were able to take some photo's which I hope you will enjoy. We had a wonderful time visiting and it was really too too short. I look forward to the next time... which I hope will be soon. We love you Aaron, Tiffany and Ashton. Thanks for the great visit. Love you all much,
Dad and Mom

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July - Grateful for our Freedom

Dad had a show over on Whidbey Island for the 4th, he played in Langley - Concerts On The Lane. He set up at a quaint shop called Angel's Chaocolates. Oh yes we enjoyed some of the home made fresh candies and ice-cream! The drive and ferry ride to and from was perfect. Langley is a small town, had some great antique shops and novelty stores and great home cooking! While Dad was setting up I walked around town and took some photo's of some of the beautiful flowers and also took some great photo's of Dad playing bass.

The Cee Cee James band was great, had a great audience and you really could not have asked for a better performance. We had planned to go to one of Dad's friends house for a barbeque but decided to come home and have some quiet time and enjoy the fireworks. Please enjoy our photo's and so nice to hear from you all. Oh and yeah... I had a little fun too... could not resist holding a red/white guitar since I was matching.... what a kick.

As you can see from the photo's the garden is loving the sun ... Grandpa Bill stopped over for dinner tonight, thought what a nice evening to take a pic of him. It sure is a great one! We love him so much.

Love you all lots.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Garden is Growing

We've had some terrific sun... the garden is thriving...faster than we have time to keep up. Tonight I went out and watered the entire hand with a bucket... by the weeks end we should be able to start with the sprinkler. Enjoy the photo's.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Watch our garden grow

We've had some pretty bizarre weather these past few months, Dan who prepares the garden plot and does the majority of the planting had to wait till the real hard rains let up so he could plant. The first seeds went in on June 1st almost a month later then the normal. Veggies in the garden are super sweet jubilee corn, blue lake beans, zucchini, yellow crookneck squash and tomatoes. Grandpa Bill and I helped too. As you can see from the photo's Dan has many days of pushing the rototiller, hilling the corn, and of course watering (in between our rain). Sure helps with the water bill. I'll be posting photo's up throughout the garden's life... be sure to check in with us around August/September... lots to share.